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The Story So Far

Page 12010-10-21: Pre-amble.
Page 22010-10-21: Welcome.
Page 32010-10-21: Deeper into the city.
Page 42010-10-21: Chinatown where we meet Our Hero.
Page 52010-10-21: Jack contemplates his life choices.
Page 62010-10-21: Michelle and a mysterious ally atop the Pickman.
Page 72010-10-21: Something's happening in the sky...
Page 82010-10-22: Nazi zeppelin!
Page 92010-10-24: Guess who?
Page 102010-11-06: Meiko's first appearance.
Page 112010-11-26: Mister X makes his entrance.
Page 122011-01-13: A Mystical MacGuffin.
Page 132011-02-09: Fleischer and Meiko have a business dispute.
Page 142011-06-25: A fully expected arrival.
Page 152011-12-04: The Templar has an ace up his sleeve.
Page 162012-02-26: Fleischer is about to bring out the big guns.
Page 172012-04-21: Michelle starts a fight with Meiko.
Page 182012-04-28: Meiko and Michelle grudging it up.
Page 192012-05-29: Michelle gets an ass-whoopin'.
Page 202012-08-04: Fleischer's got the high ground.
Page 212012-12-06: Exit stage left for Templar
Page 222013-04-04: Nighty-Knight, Templar.
Page 232013-04-11: Meiko 1, Michelle 0
Page 242013-06-26: Michelle wakes up...
Page 252013-07-04: Michelle in irons!
Page 262013-08-19: Nocturne City police saving the day? No.
Page 272014-01-03: That's no way to treat your only living witness.
Page 282014-03-01: Michelle turns the tables.
Page 292014-07-11: The carnage continues.
Page 302014-08-20: Chekov's Grenade goes off.
Page 312014-11-04: The grenade's gruesome aftermath.
Page 322015-01-18: Goodbye, Pickman.
Page 332015-03-11: Michelle and Merriweather take the plunge.
Page 342015-09-15: The hard landing
Page 352015-09-15: Michelle predictably doesn't die
Page 362015-09-15: Michelle wanders Chinatown
Page 372016-07-30: A meeting between two important folks...

© 2010 J.R. Boos